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If you’re a school, club or business then we have the badges to suit your needs. The main categories are metal, name, printed and button.

Metal badges are made from the highest quality metal to exacting standards and they are considered to be of the best quality when it comes to choosing a badge. They are die struck or coined, electroplated, colourfilled and most commonly finished with a protective epoxy coat.

Name badges are a popular choice for corporates as they enable a high quality logo and name to be produced for team members. Fittings can be brooch, tie clip or magnetic. They are normally manufactured from aluminium or engraving stock, with a protective domex coating to finish.

Button badges are great for schools or advertising agencies as low cost promotional items. They are available in a various sizes from 25mm -100mm.

Printed badges are the next step up from the button badge and allow you to retain the original logo shape and colours. They are usually made from aluminium with stainless steel as another option. A protective epoxy coating is applied to finish and fittings range from tie tack, brooch or magnetic.

Furniture branding is becoming progressively more popular with badges produced in brass and stainless steel. Zinc casting is also possible along with colour fills. We only use materials that are resilient and long lasting.

All of the above can be adapted to keyrings.